End of season

Well, after one and half a year of tour, and 21 selections, I think it's time for NOIR TOTAL to end festival tour.
So it won't play anymore in festivals (except on invitations), but while waiting for an eventual distribution, you can already watch the film online for a dozen of days on DVDALLIANCE.
This is a famous French DVD news website, and they present the film with english subtitles.
A big thanks to Zast!





2nd Selection in Germany!

NOIR TOTAL will be screened at Berlin (off competition), at the Interfilm Festival of Berlin 06 to 11 November 2007.

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20th selection!

NOIR TOTAL just got its 20th selection!
It will Premiere in Italy, at the Ravenna Nightmare Festival from October 30 to November 03 2007.

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New selection in USA!

NOIR TOTAL will be in competition at the Grand Rapids Thriller Chiller Film Festival from 25 to 27 October 2007.

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Two new Premieres in Europe!

NOIR TOTAL will Premiere in Germany, at the
International French Film Festival of Türbigen-Stuttgart (November 1 to 7).
This festival is the biggest one for French spoken movies.

The other European Premiere will occur in Switzerland at the 10th Short-Films night of Lausanne November 16.





New selection in UK!

NOIR TOTAL has been selected to the Encounters ShortFilm Festival in Bristol (November 21 to 25).
This festival has been quoted as the " UK's most important short film festival" by the newspaper The Guardian.

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New selection in Canada!

After Toronto and Montreal, NOIR TOTAL will play at the Edmonton international Film Festival in Alberta. (September 28 to October 8).

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Back from Korea

A big thank for the fabulous team of PiFan. This festival is really impressive, and I can only advise you to attend the next edition (by submiting, or just as a spectator). Thanks again for everything!





A new US selection!

While I was ready to leave to PiFan Festival, I've just learned NOIR TOTAL is selected by the Dragon*Con Festival at Atlanta!

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Invited to PiFan!

as NOIR TOTAL is one of the 10 shorts films in competion, I've the honor to be invited to the PiFan Festival in South Korea. The film will be screened 14th, 18th and 21st of July.

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Mini Review

Here is an extract from a mini-review of NOIR TOTAL, made after Nashville screening:

"Some stand outs for me were The Morning After, Ng, and Noir Total."
"In Noir Total, a man wakes in his apartment with a massive hangover and a dead girl in his bathtub. Not remembering what happened, he calls a friend for help. This French short film is filled with twists and turns and having the word Noir in the title is fitting. If you like French mystery and horror, then you’re sure to enjoy this one. "

Full article available here





NOIR TOTAL's Asian Premiere will be in south Korea next July, at the:
Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) where it will be screened for the official competition.

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Special Jury Award at Houston!

NOIR TOTAL received a Special jury Award at the 40th Worldfest Houston!

As explained on their website:
"The Special Jury Awards are Grand Remi Nominees, they are the highest awards for creative excellence in each major category. "

Only 68 shorts films (on more than 1500 entries) were selected to screen at Worldfest, and only 8 shorts (on the 68 selected) received a Special Jury Award, so...
I can only say a big "thank you Houston!"

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USA: 4th Selection!

NOIR TOTAL is one of the 80 films which will be screened at the 40th Worldfest Houston next April.
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USA: 3rd Selection!

The Nashville Film Festival (Oscars Academy accredited festival) has just selected NOIR TOTAL.
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New selection in France!

NOIR TOTAL will be screened at Tours April 6 during the "Mauvais Genre" Festival. A Festival specialised in "genre" films.
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NOIR TOTAL in Paris!

With a fourth selection, March is definitively a good month for NOIR TOTAL.
The film will be screened March 18th at the The European Independent Film Festival, in Paris.
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NOIR TOTAL UK's premiere will be at Bradford International Film Festival. It will play with the feature film Zero on Thursday 22nd March .
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USA: second selection!

NOIR TOTAL's USA tour continue with a new selection at the
Cleveland International Film Festival
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USA selection!

Back on the Americain continent, but this time in USA.
NOIR TOTAL US Premiere will be at Omaha

The film will be screen in Omaha Film Festival 2007 competition, next March.
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Screening schedule in Australia.

The Australian International Film Festival just released its program schedule:

NOIR TOTAL will be screened Monday October 23 at 5h40PM, and Saturday October 28 at 7h45PM.

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NOIR TOTAL in Australia!

NOIR TOTAL is officially selected by the Australian International Film Festival which will be run end of October in Melbourne.
This festival seems full of promise (check this gorgeous theatre!).
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Noir Total in Scandinavia!

NOIR TOTAL has been selected to Lund's Fantastisk Filmfestival in Sweden. Dates for this festival are from 21 to 30th of September.

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Next Screenings.

NOIR TOTAL will be screened tomorrow at Montreal, but also in Austria on July 19, at the Ohne Kohle film festival, where the film has just been selected!





A new selection in Canada!

NOIR TOTAL is definitively apprecied in Canada.
After Toronto, Montreal will screen the movie in the next FanTasia Festival wich will occurs from 6th to 24th of July.
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Toronto: the program.

The schedule is now official.
NOIR TOTAL's world premiere will be on June 15 2006 at 09h15PM (local time) at the Isabel Bader Theatre (a gorgeous theatre with 500 seats).
The film will be show again the 18th of June, last day of the festival, at 01h30PM.
To see the offical program, click HERE.





Selected à Toronto!

Through more than 3000 submissions, Toronto's Worldwide Short Film Festival, has just officially selected NOIR TOTAL for its international competition.
This "short films only" festival, will present 240 films in a week. At the end of it, the winner of "best fiction" will gain an Oscars eligibility (usually reserved to theatre release films only.)



NOIR TOTAL finished at least...

6 month after the writing of the script, the film is finaly completed.
Festivals hunt begins...

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